About environment.fi

The website www.environment.fi is jointly produced and run by the following authorities, which together make up Finland’s environmental administration: The Ministry of the Environment, The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), 13 Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres), and Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI).

Environment.fi is a service website for Finnish companies, municipalities, authorities and citizens. The website provides information on issues related to Finland’s environmental administration and the administration’s tasks, the objectives of its operations, and current issues. The online service is published in Finnish, Swedish and English, with the Finnish site being the most extensive of the three.

The Ministry of the Environment, the Finnish Environment Institute and The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) all have their own organisation websites. Links to these sites can be found on the top of the environment.fi pages on the right side. The ELY Centres and the Regional State Administrative Agencies run their own websites. The comprehensive current material of the organisations (e.g. press releases, information on training and publications) can be found on the organisation webpages.

Contents of the website

Environment.fi consists of an extensive website shared by the various agencies of Finland’s environmental administration. The information which involves the whole of Finland is primarily produced by the Ministry of the Environment and SYKE, with some contributions from ELY Centres, and Regional State Administrative Agencies. Some sections of the website also include regional information provided by Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. In such cases, complementary regional information can be accessed using the menu titled “Regional information, choose ELY Centre”.

There are also separate thematic web pages on the site. On the theme pages you can find information on significant environmental projects, programmes, follow-ups, events and networks. Link to the listing of theme pages can be found in the footer.

The front page consists of current news, press releases and information on the services of the environmental administration. Detailed information on different subjects can be found through the navigation of the control menu.

The subjects (=sections) of the control menu are:

The Maps and statistics section contains statistical information produced by the environmental administration, The state of the environment indicators, and information on the data systems of environmental administration. Section Forms, permits and environmental impact assessment contains information on the permits, notifications and registrations required from citizens and enterprises. The section also contains information on the environmental impact assessment.


Some contents of the environment.fi site are copyright protected. You are free to link to ym.fi and use its text material in line with good practice. Use of all pictures and maps, including photographs, must always be agreed with the web editors of the environmental administration: Verkkotoimituksen osoite. If you use material from environment.fi, please mention the source and date of reference.

Handling of personal data

We do not collect personal data that would make it possible to identify individual visitors. We only need contact information to be able to respond to feedback sent to us. Feedback can also be sent anonymously.

Use of cookies and monitoring their use

Environment.fi uses cookies. They relate to the functionality or analytics and statistics of the website. You may disable cookies through your browser settings, but this may result in parts of the website not working properly. General statistical data is gathered on how the website is used to improve the service. Such data includes the number of visitors to the website, the popularity of the pages, the pages used to link to the service, and the most frequently used search words and browsers. Data to be collected includes the user's IP address, time of the day, pages visited, browser type, operating system and screen resolution. Page visitor statistics are based on server log information and Google Analytics reports, which use Google Analytics software cookies and JavaScript code.

Legal notice

The environmental administration is responsible for the content and maintenance of the website. We strive to keep the website accurate and up to date, and to correct any possible errors without delay. Environmental administration is not responsible for the accuracy of information published by external parties and linked to this website or for any harm caused by any technical disruption.

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