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The renewed environment.fi website will be published by the end of March

environment.fi helps you make environmentally sustainable decisions.

The renewed environment.fi website will be published in the last week of March. The most important changes of the renewal concern the content. Environment.fi has implemented new functionalities that improve the user experience. The look of the site has also been renewed. In addition, the publication system has also been changed. This means that the vast majority of the current environment.fi addresses will change, but the important shortcuts will continue to work.

Latest news of the Finnish Environment Institute

Waterinfo.fi – precise and up-to-date water information now also in English

The Finnish Environment Institute has published an English version of its vesi.fi web service called waterinfo.fi. It contains plenty of general information on water, latest snapshots of the hydrological situation and a versatile map service on water issues. The service keeps English-speaking users up to date on what is happening in water issues in Finland.
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Sustainability Leap

Share your solutions in Sustainability Leap! 

Check out this database, share your own solutions and help push Finland to the top in mitigating climate change, building a circular economy and protecting our biodiversity.

Climate diet calculator

The climate diet helps you find out your carbon footprint and how to make it smaller. Climate diet is developed by the Finnish Environmental Institute SYKE. Calculate your carbon footprint and start a climate diet.

MarineFinland.fi - The treasure trove of Finnish marine data

Everything you wanted to know about the Baltic Sea is in one place. MarineFinland.fi gathers sea data and knowledge from nine Finnish organizations and institutes.