Renovated wastewater treatment plant in Petrozavodsk reduces eutrophication of Lake Onega

Press release 2017-12-19 at 8:55

Press release of the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The renovated Petrozavodsk wastewater treatment plant reduces the eutrophying emissions from the city to Lake Onega and improves the quality of drinking water. The plant will be opened on 19 December. Petrozavodsk wastewater treatment plant has been identified as an environmental Hot Spot by the Barents Euro-Arctic Council because insufficient wastewater treatment has led to significant environmental contamination.

The construction works at the plant were completed in December 2017 and now all the purification lines are in use.

Thanks to the project the plant fulfils the recommendations of the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission HELCOM regarding the removal of phosphorus, nitrogen and solids from municipal wastewater. Wastewater emissions from Petrozavodsk to Lake Onega and, through the catchment area, to the Gulf of Finland will be reduced by 75 tonnes of phosphorus a year in a way that is also cost-efficient. The new treatment plant consumes less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The costs of the wastewater treatment plant totalled about EUR 35 million. Most of the financing came from the city of Petrozavodsk and the Russian Federation. Loan financing was granted by the Nordic Investment Bank and the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation NEFCO. From the State of Finland the project received EUR 2 million as a direct grant. A grant for the project was also awarded by the Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership Fund. This wastewater treatment project is the latest major achievement of the long-term environmental collaboration between the Fund and the Russian Federation. Finland contributed to the project financing through the Environmental Partnership Fund as well. Finland’s contribution was mainly used for the supply of equipment. In addition, Finland has supported the efforts to improve wastewater treatment in Petrozavodsk through bilateral arrangements by about EUR 1 million.

Preparations for the municipal development programme for the water sector in Petrozavodsk were started as early as in the 1990s. The use and maintenance of the water plant is the responsibility of the Petrozavodsk Municipal Services Company.


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