Ecological restoration and management


Management and restoration of habitats is aimed at restoring, recovering and preserving their natural features. Restoration and management of bird wetlands, for example, seeks to maintain diversity of bird species in the area. The preservation of semi-natural habitats, formed by traditional land use, requires continuous management.

Ennallistettu korpi_Kaisu Aapala_Panoraama556.jpg
A spruce mire after 15 years of restoration. © Kaisu Aapala.

Restoration of forests and peatlands aims to assist speeding up the recovery of their structural characteristics, functioning and species communities.


The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for the overall control of restoration and management activities in nature conservation areas.

The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE is responsible for research and expert services in relation to the restoration and management of habitats. SYKE develops methods for restoration and management of forests, peatlands, wetlands and semi-natural habitats. It is also investigating the possibility of restoring springs. Developing monitoring methods is also part of the SYKE’s expertise.

In state-owned nature conservation areas, management and restoration of habitats is the responsibility of the state forest administration Metsähallitus. In privately-owned nature reserves Metsähallitus undertakes the practical planning and application of restoration measures in cooperation with the landowner. These activities are controlled by the regional Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres).

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