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Land use planning happens in different stages, depending on the nature and importance of the plan.

The provisions on land use planning are laid down in the Land Use and Building Act (132/1999), including land use goals, the content requirements of the plans and the regulations concerning the drafting of plans.

Local master plans and local detailed plans are drafted and approved in municipalities. Regional land use plans are drafted and approved by regional councils.


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Participation and the publication of planning information

Land use plans are prepared in interaction with persons whose circumstances or benefits the plan may affect. Municipalities and regional councils publicise the current planning information on their websites, in newspapers and in planning reviews. The publication of planning information ensures that those concerned are able to follow and influence the planning process. Concerned parties are persons on whose circumstances or benefits the plan may have a substantial impact.


Land use planning means a reconciliation of different goals and benefits. The different perspectives are brought together through dialogue. However, the results might not be satisfactory to all parties. In these cases, it is possible to appeal against a decision to approve a land use plan. Concerned parties, members of the municipality, certain communities and state authorities have the right to appeal. The right to appeal on changes to local detailed plans with minor impacts is more limited.

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