Land use planning

Land use plans guide building

A land use plan defines the future use of the region: what must be preserved, what can be built and where and how the building can take place. For example, the location, size and function of the buildings are determined by the plan.

The scope of a land use plan can vary from individual properties to whole neighbourhoods with residential, business and recreational areas. Land use plans are drawn up by municipalities. Shoreline planning can be controlled with a shoreline plan, which is drawn up by the land owner.

Maps, notations and regulations are part of land use plans. Land use plans are also equipped with descriptions of the central features and creation process of the plan.Kaavoitus_asemakaava_IOsara.jpg

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Requirements of a land use plan

In accordance with Section 54 of the Land Use and Building Act, land use plans must promote healthy, safe and pleasant living environments and support the regional availability of services and traffic.

Built and natural environments must be protected and the special values relating to them preserved. There must be enough parks and other recreational areas in or close to the area covered by the plan.

If a detailed land use plan is drawn up for an area not covered by a legally effective master plan, the detailed plan must address the requirements of the master plan, where applicable.

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