Housing for special groups

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Groups with special housing needs include the homeless, refugees, students, people with substance abuse and mental health problems, the disabled, and the elderly who suffer from memory loss or weakened condition.

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Sheltered and supportive housing

Sheltered housing is intended for people who need help in their everyday lives but who do not require institutional care. Sheltered housing covers both the apartment and the related services.

In so-called extra care sheltered housing, there are service personnel at the accommodation unit around the clock. Communal homes for people with memory loss are an example of sheltered housing.

Supportive housing, on the other hand, refers to living either in a separate apartment or as part of an apartment group where various amounts and types of support are included.

Residents in sheltered and supportive housing have leasing relationships in accordance with the Tenancy Act.

Investment grants for special groups

ARA finances sheltered and supportive housing with investment grants for special groups. Grants can be awarded to projects that would also be entitled to partake in the interest subsidy loan scheme. Grants are awarded for construction, renovation or acquisition, and they vary from 10 to 50 per cent of the approved construction or renovation costs. The bigger grants are reserved for apartments with more special housing solution needs.

Municipalities are the principal organisers of sheltered and supportive housing, but they can also be provided by various associations and companies. Sheltered and supportive housing application procedures vary between municipalities and service providers. More information is available from the municipalities.

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