EIA procedure for projects


The purpose of the environmental impact assessment procedure (EIA) is to ensure that the environmental impact of projects is appropriately investigated, whenever a project is likely to have detrimental environmental effects. The EIA procedure is also aimed at giving the public more opportunities to participate in and have an effect on the preparation of projects.

Environmental impact assessment steps

The EIA procedure starts with the project developer (for example, a company) submitting an assessment programme to the coordination authority, i.e. a Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. The assessment programme describes the various implementation alternatives and their effects, which will be investigated at the planning stage. The programme also outlines the organisation of the public hearing on the assessment, giving everyone in the affected area the opportunity to participate. When the proposed alternatives and effects have been investigated, the information is compiled in an assessment report.

The coordination authority publicises the assessment programme and the prospective assessment report in the impact area, and issues a statement on the assessment, based on their own expertise, comments by residents and organisations, and statements by authorities. The Environmental impact assessment procedure is concluded when the coordination authority gives a statement on the assessment report.

The impact on humans must also be assessed as part of the EIA procedure. More information on the human impact assessment is available on the website of the National Institute for Health and Welfare.

Project developer pays the expenses

The project developer is responsible for the costs incurred by the assessment (investigating environmental impacts, communications, public hearing). The project developer must also pay the coordination authority a fee for the statement on the assessment programme and assessment report.

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