International Resource Panel links its work more closely to the sustainable development goals

News 2017-06-08 at 16:55

The focus of the United Nations Environment Programme International Resource Panel’s will be increasingly on supporting achieving the sustainable development goals.

“The goal 12.2 says clearly that by the year 2030 we should use all resources in a sustainable way. It sounds simple, but it is very difficult to measure. So in the coming years we need to define the criteria for the sustainability and monitor and report about them regularly. We want to be in the position to say which kind of policies work better than others and via that contribute to policy making”, says Janez Potočnik, co-chair of the Panel.

The Panel’s 20th meeting, held in Helsinki, will close on Friday the 9th of June. Meeting was organized in connection with the World Circular Economy Forum WCEF.

The International Resource Panel serves as a scientific adviser in various natural resource use issues, including a sustainable bioeconomy, circular economy and clean solutions.


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