Implementation of the EU climate package and Paris Agreement on the agenda of the Environment Ministers’ meeting

Press release 2017-06-16 at 12:30

The EU Ministers of the Environment meet in Luxembourg on Monday 19 May. They will discuss two legislative proposals concerning sectors not covered by the Emissions Trading System (non-ETS sectors): effort-sharing among Member States with regard to the climate targets to 2030 and the role of the land use, land use change and forestry sector (LULUCF) in the climate framework. Also on the agenda is the current situation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, in particular, the withdrawal of the United States from the agreement. Finland’s representative at the meeting is Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment.

Minister Tiilikainen stresses that the countries that are committed to the Paris Agreement must now engage in closer cooperation and the EU must become an even stronger leader in climate change issues.

“This is why it is most important for the EU to proceed with the negotiations on its own climate package as quickly as possible and to reach an agreement that enables the EU to implement our commitments under the Paris Agreement without undue delay”, Tiilikainen says.

The conclusions on the Commission’s Action Plan on nature and biodiversity for the benefit of EU citizens and the economy are also to be adopted at the meeting. Finland considers the action plan as a well-balanced package.


Tuija Talsi, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of the Environment, tel. +358 295 250 285, (effort-sharing)

Heikki Granholm, Director, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, tel. +358 295 162 130, (LULUCF)

Jyrki Peisa, Special Adviser, Ministry of the Environment, tel. +358 50 364 0836,

Mervi Mattila, Senior Officer, Ministry of the Environment, tel. +358 50 436 0780,