Last KIRA-digi experimental project application now open – EUR one million still available for new digital experiments

Press release 2018-03-06 at 16:37

The sixth and last application round for KIRA-digi projects is open until 5 April 2018. In this round, about EUR one million will be handed out to experiments that promote digitalisation in the real estate and construction sector.

Aid is granted for fast and innovative development that renews the practices relating to construction and the built environment, enables the testing of new solutions and supports the creation of new business opportunities. In the KIRA-digi aid scheme experimental development means concrete testing of ideas and solutions utilising digitalisation to learn whether they should be developed further or introduced more widely.

The common topic for the experiments is construction and the built environment, but applications from parties representing other sectors are also welcome. The results must, however, be concerned with the digitalisation of construction and the built environment. Aid may only be granted in advance and for new projects.

More than 100 beneficiary projects

KIRA-digi provides funding for new experimental projects in 2016–2018 – so far a total of EUR 3.4 million has been handed out to more than 100 experiments.

"What the 100 experiments already funded have achieved is truly amazing. In this last round it is time to take a big leap and find the boldest ideas. Let’s join forces to show how digitalisation can renew the real estate and construction sector”, says KIRA-digi's Chief Digital Officer Teemu Lehtinen.

Besides the funding, the beneficiaries become part of the community of KIRA-digi experimental projects that offers joint kick-off events, seminars on the achievements and communications support to its members.

Part of a Government key project

KIRA-digi (2016-2018) is part of the Government key project concerning the digitalisation of public services, and it also contributes to the key project concerning improved legal provisions. In the KIRA-digi project real estate and construction companies, authorities and other organisations push each other towards a digital leap in the sector, aimed to provide open and ready access to public information on construction and zoning to all, develop compatible systems and practices, and develop legislation in a way that supports digitalisation. Aid for experimental projects under the KIRA-digi aid scheme is granted by the Ministry of the Environment.

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Teemu Lehtinen, Chief Digital Officer, Building Information Foundation RTS, tel. +358 40 456 6108,

Minna Perähuhta, Senior Specialist, Ministry of the Environment, tel. +358 295 250 223,

The responsible ministry for the project is the Ministry of the Environment. The fourteen KIRA Forum organisations involved in the project: Association of Finnish Architects' Offices ATL, Central Federation of Finnish Real Estate Agencies KVKL, Real Estate Employers, Finnish Construction Managers and Engineers RKL, Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT, Building Information Foundation RTS, Finnish Association of Architects SAFA, Finnish Real Estate Management Federation, Finnish Real Estate Federation, Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL, Finnish Association of Consulting Firms SKOL, Electrical Contractors´ Association of Finland STUL, Finnish Association of Building Services Industries, as well as the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Education and Culture, Corporate Real Estate Management of the City of Turku, City of Espoo, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Finnish Environment Institute, and National Board of Antiquities.